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We believe in creating buildings and structures which focuses on efficiency of resources such as energy, water and materials whilst focusing on making the environment clean and green for healthy living. At Overseas Realty (Ceylon) PLC, we pride ourselves as being the first company in Sri Lanka to initiate ‘the green’ concept.

At World Trade Center Some of our green initiatives include the use of ozone friendly, HFC (Hydro fluorocarbon) refrigerants air conditioner systems, electricity generated using renewable energy sources as well as non-renewable energy sources reducing our energy consumption by 2.5 million energy units a year. Waste paper used by all our tenants is collected on a daily basis for re-cycling.
At Havelock City The ‘Living Green’ concept at Havelock City seeks to fulfill the demand for an improved approach to better living and a cleaner environment. The landscaped garden in excess of 7 acres, natural light and ventilation to the apartments to conserve energy costs, use of Brazilian teak from sustainable forests for bedroom floors, use of paints, sealants, adhesives, texture coatings, water proofing materials with low volatile organic compounds, use of homogeneous floor tiles in the living and dining areas which acts as a heat reflector to reduce room temperature contributing to lesser use of air conditioning are some of the features we have provided at Havelock City to make our environment greener and reduce energy consumption.
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